My Bronco Activity Record (myBAR) 
Information Sheet


myBAR is a complete record of your club membership, leadership roles, campus employment and involvement while enrolled as a student at Cal Poly Pomona.

myBAR is a helpful tool for preparing a resume and may help you get the competitive edge while searching for internship opportunities, graduate school admission, awards and scholarships.

Club Officers

What can myBAR do for you? It is an essential part of the club re-chartering process. myBar can also help you:

  • Track your club membership
  • Communicate with current club members
  • Outreach to students interested in your club or organization

Click here to access the myBAR Club Registration website.


What can myBAR do for you? You can express interest in a club or organization through the myBAR system. It is also a useful tool to document your out-of-the classroom experiences, including:

  • Academically Related Activities
  • Campus Employment
  • Campus Involvement
  • Conferences & Workshops
  • Scholarships, Awards & Honors
  • Off Campus Activities

Whenever you are involved on campus, recognized through an award, or participate in a leadership activity, be sure to enter your involvement in myBAR! myBAR will become a footprint of your involvement outside the classroom while here as a Bronco. The skills gained from these on campus experiences will serve you well as you prepare for a successful future.

Rock it and Doc it! Document your whole undergraduate experience at Cal Poly Pomona with myBAR!

Check out the benefits and history behind myBAR here!


Contact the myBAR team with questions at:


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Students at the Engineering Club Fair

CPP students playing frisbee

Students dancing at the Hot Dog Caper event

Student decorating the CPP Rose Float

Group pictures for the SAE Formula Car

CPP Racing in a Concrete Canoe